Team Space

The Power of Collaboration

Project Objects prides itself on adapting to how our customers plan, collaborate, and execute tasks. We have introduced the notion of Wagile, the integration of a top down PPM waterfall approach with an Agile bottom up approach for team members.  Improve project teamwork, increase visibility across business units and functions, reduce duplication and learn from others. 

  • Project Objects collaboration capabilities have been designed to enable project teams to share information about Issues, Actions, Changes, Risks and Documents in a social area where updates can be easily shared in a single repository.  
  • Team Space provides collaboration on projects for both the internal organization; functional groups, business units and geographies and the external stakeholders; suppliers, partners and external solutions. 
  • Team Space enables the creation of discussions where people can chat on any topic and simply search for the right place where to post comments or opinions. Team Space shares the information among the team according to the users’ permissions and, at the same time, shows relationship among different objects for instance, actions necessary to mitigate a risk can be linked together.

Effective collaboration across the company’s stakeholders is important but not sufficient.  We provide a flexible Business Process Management (BPM) module to shape any collaboration process within the team by creating Forms and Workflows that match the way you do business.  

Team Space main features include: 

  • Customisable Forms and Workflows 

  • Multi-tab Registers view 

  • Linked Objects indicators 

  • Comments and Discussions 

  • Set menu preferences 

  • Workflows Status 

  • E-mailing 





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