Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is the key to making effective decisions

Project Object’s Portfolio Management module offers sophisticated portfolio management functions, designed to provide optimum support for the processing and management of your investment strategies and business development.  

Executive decisions can be based on a pre-defined set of objectively measurable parameters and value judgements against which individual projects are evaluated and prioritized.  

You can implement portfolio management as a dynamic process, where the portfolio contents can be constantly revised and optimized. In this context new projects are evaluated, selected and prioritized.

Existing projects may be accelerated, ended, or de-prioritized; and resources are allocated and reallocated to active projects depending on metrics you define; Capex, Opex, multiple versions of the budget, etc.   

The Portfolio Management module will allow you to: 

  • Integrate with Strategic Planning, Program Management & Budgeting for a collaborative, real-time budget management process 

  • Monitor the evolution of your project portfolio and make essential choices right on time 

  • Create multiple portfolio ‘what if’ scenario comparisons to assist in decision making  

  • The Portfolio Optimizer helps you fine-tune portfolio composition, to maximize alignment with business strategies. This function automatically evaluates which projects should remain in the portfolio by assessing trade-offs between project ranking and portfolio targets.   

  • Evaluate, select and prioritise new projects, while existing ones may be accelerated, ended, or de-prioritised and resources are allocated and reallocated to active projects.





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